Multisport Seminars and Workshops

Enhance Your Seasonal Plan: A step by step process to incorporate goal setting, team building, visualization, and leadership development into your seasonal plan

University Recruiting 101: How to support your athlete's goals to play at the next level.  Have all of your recruiting and university/college questions answered!

WORKSHOP: Tools to Build a High Functioning Team in a Short Amount of Time: Learn teambuilding exercises and receive facilitation tools that encourage exploration of self, performing under pressure, and working together to accomplish a shared goal

Growth Mindset: Renegotiate your athlete's relationship to failure- Building mental toughness and strategies to help your athletes overcome obstacles and failures

An Interview with Team Canada’s Shanice Marcelle - ‘A Champion’s Mind’.  Shanice will answer questions about teamwork, winning, leadership, injuries and how sport can shape the future

Volleyball Coaches Clinic 

Beginners: Elementary and Middle School

Cues and Clues- Teaching the basics well

Step by Step to more Reps-  Fun drills to increase reps and teach technique through the playing the game

Advanced: High School and High Performance

Method to the Madness- Explore different systems and strategies designed to increase offensive and defensive effectiveness:  Swing blocking, read defence, the offensive playbook

Evolution is the Solution-New drills and drill progression strategies to help achieve your practice goals